Recruitment and Meetings

background-3Who can join:

The major qualification of joining the fellowship is being a stay-home mom. In addition, any ‘work-from-mom’ who considers herself a stay home mom can join the fellowship. Finally, any working mom struggling with the decision of being a stay home mom is welcome to listen in.

How to join

The joining procedure is easy; once you receive any information regarding the fellowship and you are sure you’d like to attend simply contact A Noble Job via the contacts provided. The intake to participate in the fellowship is done once a year. The invitation to register is mainly conducted via social media platforms mainly WhatsApp and Facebook. However, on 4th July 2019 Hope FM hosted the founder of A Noble Job. Thank you Hope FM for that great opportunity.

Each new cohort must at least have 25 participants for the group to commence. Please note that after recruitment, no new participants are allowed into the group.

Joint Fellowship

After the program, A Noble Job will continue seeking ways to bring together both current and former participants of the program.


The current investment stands at Ksh.15,000/- per person for the entire year and is payable in four (4) installments at the beginning of each quarter of the year.

Frequency of meetings

The stay home moms meet once a month for an entire year for fellowship. The meeting days are Thursdays from 9 am to 1 pm. There are a few months that the meetings take place on Saturdays.


So far, we have been holding the meetings at Citam Valley Road and Citam Parklands. There are a few months we meet at other venues. Any deviation from this norm is communicated to the participants.